We Dub Studios is committed to empowering voice talents of all ages and building a community where people connect through the arts. Together, we offer a diverse, high-quality portfolio, ensuring you get the voice you need.


We Dub Studios is an American voice studio founded by two Brazilian women, and our priority is to bring high quality dubbing to the American territory in various idioms. We deliver a combination of talented voice actors, experienced directors, high quality sound, and dubbing translations that bring authenticity to the original idiom.

Fernanda Crispim

Fernanda Crispim is a renowned actress and voice talent from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fernanda started her career at the young age of 9 and today with more than 30 years of unique voice work experience for thousands of critically acclaimed characters (such as Princess Fiona in Shrek Movies, Mia Toretto in Fast and the Furious and even Miriam in The Prince of Egypt). Fernanda’s voice has been featured in a long list of a variety of movies, soap operas, cartoons, and television series. Working with Disney, DreamWorks, Warner, Fox, among others, Fernanda practices other roles skillfully as a theater director, voice talent director, dubbing teacher, and actor’s coach. She also conducts workshops and lectures for all ages in Brazil and the USA.

Sandina Zerlotini

Sandina is a Journalist, tv hostess and Actress, graduated from We dub studios! After so many years working in different tv shows in Brazil and in the US, Sandina fell in love with dubbing, and decided to transform her dream in reality. Graduated from UCF in Spanish, she is trilingual, dubbing in her first language Portuguese, Spanish and English. She has been living in the US for almost 20 years. Another passion and talent she has is singing, which helps her to dub in different tones and play many different characters.

Mateus Pamplona

Mateus Pamplona was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is an audio engineer who started producing music and writing lyrics since 10 years old, 30 years ago. During his life, Mr. Pamplona worked for broadcast recording companies, editing and mixing movies and TV shows. In musical studios, he recorded and produced independent artists, and created his own projects with different partnerships. His most known project in Brazil is Dub Ataque, a sound system that used to mix reggae/dub and hip hop culture. Now he is a Florida resident and works at his own studio and record label called Pamplona Beats.